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Gezenguz Foundation

Gezenguz Foundation was established in 1990 by Dr. Judit Schultheisz, pediatrician in Budapest, Hungary. The mission is to facilitate treatment and rehabilitation of babies and children with developmental risks (eg. prematures) or with perinatal nervous system injuries.

During 33 years of its existence the foundation has provided tens of thousands of babies and children with diagnostic services and pediatric physiotherapy applying different special methods and occupational therapy. It has also provided psychological and social help for the affected families by means of getting them involved in the therapy. In addition to these services, the foundation provided a home-away-from-home for families so that they can stay close by their hospitalized child. Most of the treatments take place in groups that also include children enjoying full health. In our therapy program hydrotherapy – so called Neuro-hydrotherapy – has a crucial role. It is also a good opportunity for social integration. The foundation considers helping children living in socially disadvantaged environments a priority.

The foundation provides walk-in doctor services for patients at five locations in Hungary: Budapest, Budafok, Budakalasz, Gyor and Salgotarjan.

The foundation’s therapeutic, educational and social activities fill essential gaps in the govermental health care system.

  • Pediatric neurology, pediatrics, pediatric radiology (regular medical check-up including ultrasound examination)
  • Hydrotherapy – Neuro-hydrotherapy starting at infancy in group or individual sessions using methods specific to perinatal injury
  • Psychology sessions: diagnostics, psychotherapy for children, and family therapy
  • Individual sessions: physiotherapy, occupational therapy
  • Group sessions: physiotherapy, sensory integration therapy, adapted rhytmic gymnastics and communication therapy, art therapies, special needs educatin
  • Education for parents, advice service on day care and raising children
  • Parents’ club for parents of children of similar age and diagnosis
  • Therapy device rental, device use tutorials
  • Preventive program for premature infants and children
  • Mobile diagnostic service to support the work of family doctors
  • Mobile therapy group (visiting families at home)
  • Graduate and postgraduate courses for therapy professionals
  • Professional liaison with state and civil organizations active in the field.

Huple® special tool for the movement therapy of brain injured children

Research, teaching and international cooperation with other institutions are also parts of our daily life.

We have conducted researches about the topic of Huple® (a special tool for the movement therapy of brain injured children) and Neuro-hydrotherapy. Featured research: by attaching a wireless 3D orientation sensor to the Huple® it can be used as an input peripheral for PC games. It is speciality is that the child sitting in the Huple is the joystick of the game. Main goal is Wii-habilitation as a new effective way in early childhood intervention.

Besides we have conducted researches about the the topic of Kinesiology tape and Halliwick method.

We organize Hungarian and English language training of our two  innovations Neuro-Hydrotherapy and Huple® as well.

Our center provides holistic care for children and their families. We recommend various treatment and developmental methods for children, which, building on one another, promise more effective therapeutic results.

Thanks to the close cooperation of our team members, therapeutic interventions are carried out in a way that therapeutic elements are mutually reinforcing and are adjusted always to the child’s diagnosis and needs. A family can take part in the various sessions, for example, in a motor session and in a cognitive developmental session on the same day, at the same place, in a nicely designed environment with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The modular care system of the Gezenguz Foundation

We call our model modular care model, which builds on the cooperative and synchronized work of our multidisciplinary team. It utilises the appropriate infrastructure which allows carrying out individual care plans including diagnostic procedures and therapy sessions. The early intervention designed and carried out in our modular care system is therapeutically successful and cost efficient.


Swimming pool in our main institute ‘Cseppek Háza’ with glass wall specially for babies and children. It’s ideal for Neuro-hydrotherapy

The Foundation’s aim is to provide complex services including medical care, pedagogic development as well as psychological and social support. We designed nice, friendly centres for families to feel at home.

In these centres excellent colleagues use their knowledge and expertise to help the children develop and reach their full potential. Our centres, for example the ’Cseppek Háza’ in Budakalasz, near Budapest, were designed in a way that creates a warm atmosphere to its patients so that both they and their families may have a positive and joyful experience during the therapy sessions.
We also welcome the healthy siblings and peers of the children we treat. We think that the integration of children with and without impairments in our group sessions will help all of them and their parents accept differences and reduce social isolation. We want to show to the children that we all are like spring flowers: colourful and wonderful. We believe that successful early intervention can only happen in close cooperation with the families. Therefore we pay attention to fostering the parent-child relationship.
In our complex approach we emphasize prevention as much as conducting therapy. Thus, services provided for premature children are an essential part of our work.

Our team brings major positive changes and development to the lives of hundreds of children a year.

The doctor-director of the Foundation

  • Dr. Judit Schultheisz

Supervisory Board


  • Zsuzsanna Lőrincz


  • Dr. György Galgóczi
  • Dr. Sándor Várkonyi

Board president

  • Dr. Elektra Bartha


  • Dr. Judit Schultheisz
  • József Freész
  • Dr. Ágnes Fábry
  • Norbert Cseh
  • Sándor Szalai
  • János Halmos

Óbudai Intézet

1039 Budapest,
Medgyessy F. utca 3.
tel/fax: +36 (1) 243-8595

Cseppek Háza
Központi Intézet

2011 Budakalász,
Sport utca 3.
tel: +36 (26) 546-327

Győri Intézet

9025 Győr,
Liget utca 1.
tel: +36 (96) 439-115


Salgótarjáni Intézet

3100 Salgótarján,
Március 15. út 34.
tel: +36 (20) 431-6958

Budafoki Intézet

1222 Budapest,
Tolcsvai utca. 7.
tel: +36 (20) 507-5027


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